National Skill Development Council

About Us

About Us

The deep-rooted connection of the economic development and poverty alleviation with the skilled workforce is now an established fact. But when it comes to Pakistan, the situation is extremely dismal. Pakistan, unfortunately, has fallen behind not only in accordance with the international level, but also the regional standards. The situation of Pakistan especially in Muzaffar garh is much alarming due to the reason that the only Governmental institution are not capable to deliver the requisite outcomes. Being aware of the fact that technical education and skilled development is the backbone of economic growth and social development, the National Skill Development Council Muzaffargarh was established with the prime objective to face the challenges and promote technical education system in Pakistan especially Muzaffar garh exploring the local, national and international resources for sustainable development. The NSDC is presently focused on Promoting and providing demand-driven technical education and vocational training to the youth of the province. Re-engineer and consolidate the existing technical education and vocational training system under one management structure. Regulate and develop standards of technical education and vocational training including internationally-recognized curriculum, examination certification system. Upgrade teaching abilities, skills and knowledge of teaching staff. Upgrade teaching equipments to the required standard. Create institutional linkage with industries. Promote Public Private Partnership in the field. Make the NSDC system self- sustainable. Regular labour market surveys to identify sector-wise demand for vocational training. In the continuous process of progress and prosperity of nations, it is very important to promote technical education & vocational training and certification according to current market needs. That is why the quantum of progress in scientific and technological pursuit is taken as an index of nations’ self-sufficiency, prosperity and supremacy in the world. In the face of these glaring realities, the NATIONAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL realizes that if we have to progress it requires a very strong base for quality technical trades to produce competent technical manpower. Besides, the NATIONAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL is trying to establish technical and vocational institutes in backward area of country to produce skilled lab our because 35 percent laborers, working oversees belong to Pakistan, most of them unskilled. The importance of technical education is constantly growing and knowledge-based industries are now occupying the centre-stage in its development. Technical education as a major driver of economic development is well established this role will increase with changes Technologies.

Pakistan’s greatest asset is its human resource on which progress and prosperity of the country largely depends. Human Resource Development plays vital role in enhancing productivity and have key role for sustainable economic growth of the country. NSDC is the process of measuring the competency and technical knowledge of a person aspiring to be a skilled worker, through practical performance and written expression. The quality of training should be sensitive with the emergent needs of job market. NSDC has improved, expanded and diversified technical and vocational training. The situation today is certainly far better than one prevailing in earlier period of our history.


  • NSDC support informal sector i.e. used shag rid system through provision of training for skill enhancement and trade testing.
  • NSDC provide skill training and structured education of working children at small garages and workshops to protect child lab our and bring them into main stream of vocational education and training.
  • NSDC introduction and promotion of distance learning computer base training and new training technology include video conferencing through support and affiliation with international institute involving local institute.
  • NSDC design and developing training course as per training needs with the involvement of experts from the relevant in industries and training institution.
  • NSDC arrange skill upgrading retraining professional training and customized courses on the request of group of individual of industry
  • NSDC prescribed professional qualification and to conduct examination for members and others.


NSDC” is the largest Technical, Vocational, Professional base of Pakistan which thinks about youth bright future. The people who are literate or illiterate and have skilled but they do not have certificate due to this they are at a loss in development of society they do not have their skills identification. They cannot be able to prove their selves if they get a chance to have brilliant vacancy or handsome salary in a city or abroad. Our organization provides them certificate on behalf of their ability, so that they could prove their selves and walk along with prosperous society.

Vision and mission statement:

No one can deny the role of education in the society’s development. It is also a fact that no society can be prosperous or make any development without education. Besides, it is also a fact that the technical education is like a backbone and technically sound persons are the great assets of any society. However, on one hand if getting education for common people is becoming more and more difficult, on the other hand the youth are getting more and more opportunities because of technical education. For this purpose, thousands of technical and professional institutes are working and delivering training in this field due to which thousands of youth are getting advantages and becoming capable of earning clean money for their families with grace and respect. But there are also such students who, due to poverty, and besides being talented, cannot find the opportunity to get training in any such organizations. This leads them to work as labor or do nothing which, in most of the cases, destroy their lives and sometimes cause harmful to the society. In such circumstances, if a glance is given to the prevalent situation in the country, so one can feel that there is a big role of unemployment in all this. Looking into the prevalent situation, the directors of technical and professional institutes in Pakistan especially MUZAFFARGARH PUNJAB.

The NSDC is working to educate the youth of Pakistan especially MUZAFFARGARH and by its own and for this purpose its members have established a fund which is helping all those helpless students who cannot afford to get the technical education. The “NSDC” also along with giving technical, professional, vocational, paramedical, education is providing them with the opportunities and resources. Moreover, the most talented and genius students are encouraged by giving them scholarships. They are also given with various certificates besides so that they can find opportunities of a respectable job.

The “NSDC” also tries to give them opportunities for getting jobs for earning clean money. The organization also aims to create positive thinking and change, to spread the education and to eliminate the old negative customs, local bad traditions and anti-human approaches in the society. The NSDC these efforts can play vital role in establishing a peaceful, developmental and prosperous society.